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  • Why come to Rwanda?

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    Why come to Rwanda?


    Easiest place to do business in East Africa.(Word Bank)

    6 hours

    Time it takes to register a new business.

    +200 million

    Consumers accessible through the EAC customs Union and in the DRC.

    + 7%

    Year-on-year growth for the past 20 years. (International Trade Administration)

    Low corruption

    Among the top 4 least corrupted countries in Africa. (Corruption Perception Index)

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    An enabling business environment

    Today, according to the World Bank, Rwanda ranks 2nd in ease of doing business in Africa.

    The ability to register a business in 6 hours or less, the welcoming immigration policy, and the option to pay and manage your taxes online, all echo Rwanda’s vision for a private sector-led economic transformation enabled by forward-thinking and modern digitalised institutions.

    For anyone coming from Europe and intending to start a business in East Africa, Rwanda’s remarkable combination of geopolitical stability, low crime levels, high levels of digitalisation, infrastructure, and enabling institutions undoubtedly make it an ideal place to get started.

    A hub for your East African venture

    Rwanda is a member of the East African Community (EAC) Customs Union. This currently permits free movement of labour and capital between the 6 EAC Partner States as well as 0% Import Duty on products originating from these countries.

    Rwanda’s geographical position in combination with RwandAir’s regular flights to all neighbouring countries makes it an ideal hub for delivering products and services to the 164 million consumers in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and South Sudan as well as the approx. 35 million more in the Eastern DRC.

    Learn more about EAC Customs Union.

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    Benefit from tax incentives

    Overseas investors are particularly welcome to participate in the continued growth of the Rwandan economy. To help boost investments the Government offers a series of very attractive tax incentives in more than 10 key priority sectors including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Energy,
  • Tourism,
  • Business services,
  • ICT,
  • Real estate and construction,
  • Financial Services,

  • Discover the full list under Business Starter Pack > Investing in Rwanda.

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