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About the Youth Professional Network

Here you can read about the participation in the Youth Professional Network

The European Business Chamber of Rwanda is excited to introduce to you our Youth Professional Network.

As an organization that supports and encourages networking and business opportunities, we aim to develop a platform that is not only inclusive but one that also caters directly to the youth.

At EBCR we believe that the best youth will acquire guidance and help to develop their skills in order to further enter the workforce. It is therefore important that they have support and the possibility to learn from experts and peers.

These youth have a lot to offer to companies, including a different mindset such as creativity and connectivity. This makes these young souls ready to address new challenges, tasks, and projects in a new time, assisting member companies to grow their businesses.

Our vision is to give the youth of Rwanda a platform to network with business owners -and company recruiters to develop a network of business leaders from both Europe and Rwanda. With that being said, please fill in and submit the form below to request your YPN membership at the European Business Chamber of Rwanda.

All memberships must be approved by the board. Once submitted you will be contacted for further information.


The future is now.


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