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Business In Rwanda

Rwanda recognised by the World Bank as the second-best country in Africa for ease of doing business, offers an inviting environment for both living and entrepreneurship. Kigali, the capital, boasts a pleasant climate, minimal traffic issues, and seamless road access across the country. As a pivotal East African hub, Kigali international airport is set to expanded significantly for further enhancing connectivity.

While the initial step of registering a new business is swift and less than 6 hours , navigating subsequent processes is more efficient with EBCR support, EBCR and its experienced members offer invaluable assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into business operations. As an EBCR member, you gain access to an entrepreneurial community and technical experts, providing firsthand insights into the realities of doing business in Rwanda. Our network enriches your

understanding with practical advice, local tips, and a comprehensive Business Starter Kit, offering essential information on procedures, relevant institutions, roles, and current regulations, including tax incentives, vital for establishing and growing your business in Rwanda

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Business Intelligence

EBCR serves as your resource for information, analysis, and insights on conducting business in Rwanda. This encompasses the compilation and dissemination of business directories, timely updates on tax and regulatory changes, and the sharing of general news within the Rwandan business community. Our monthly events feature distinguished guests, including influential partners such as the Rwanda Revenue Authority, Food & Drug Administration, and other organisations responsible for shaping and implementing policies that impact the business landscape in Rwanda. Furthermore, EBCR Communication Channels play a key role in ensuring the timely dissemination of critical information. Through our various platforms, we strive to keep our members well-informed and connected, facilitating seamless access to resources and support for their business endeavors.


We facilitate the meeting of the business community to cultivate relationships, identify and capitalise on business opportunities, and exchange business information. Through strategic networking initiatives, we connect our community with one another and with EBCR partners to streamline access to resources and support. Our comprehensive communication channels ensure that all members are informed about our networking events, and selected occasions are extended to non-members when deemed appropriate.


In close collaboration with our members and partners, we formulate and promote a policy agenda aimed at enhancing the ease of doing business for our business community. We consolidate and articulate our collective challenges, presenting them to the relevant government institutions to enhance the development of an enabling business environment in Rwanda

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