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About YPN


Young Professional Network (YPN) is an initiative established in November 2022 by EBCR with EU funding. This comprehensive platform is dedicated to promoting meaningful connections for the youth in Rwanda with business owners and recruiters. YPN provides avenues for accessing labour market information, participating in skill development seminars and conferences, and cultivating networks with the private sector in general, specifically with European and Rwandan business leaders in the EBCR community. Additionally, the network offers valuable opportunities, including networking events, workshops to enhance youth skills, mentorship programs, and access to internship and job opportunities.


Youth Professional Network

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What YPN offers

The offer different opportunities to the young graduates includes but not limited to :
● Capacity building opportunities : The monthly event is designed to enrich youth capabilities and fortify their skill sets
● Internship opportunity : Gain access to employers and mentor matching services that connect young individuals with companies and the EBCR community
● Mentorship opportunities :Seize the opportunity to find a successful mentor who can guide you in achieving your goals.
● Exposure opportunities: Take advantage of exposure opportunities, such as visiting EBCR members for engaging discussions and networking
● Career events opportunities : Career events offer invaluable opportunities for networking, skill development, and exploring potential career paths


Target Group:
- Business students in top universities in Rwanda
- Young entrepreneurs that want to pitch their ideas to big companies
- Young workers, that are interested in advancing their careers
- Age: below 30
- A CV with the chamber and a LinkedIn profile
- Able to speak at least one European language (English or French a must)
- Able to pay annual membership fee of RWF 35,000
- young entrepreneurs with a business of no more than 5 years
- Having worked in a work experience of at least 1 to 5 years, or
- Having had a professional internship for at least 3 months for students, or Undertaking a masters course

Became YPN

Active YPN Members

Youth Professional Network (YPN) Membership for Rwandan residents above the age of 18 and below 30 years

Aim Joseph NDIZEYE's Image

Professional IT Graduate interested in Computer Networking, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Computer

Aim Joseph NDIZEYE
YPN Member
Richard Murisa's Image

I am a devoted software engineer with strong team work and collaboration skills. My passion is in us

Richard Murisa
YPN Member
Lowami UWIMANA's Image

A young techpreneur and a recent Data Analyst within the IT field, a trained professional, and a pas

YPN Member
Regis MUHAKWA's Image

I was born in Rwanda, and I hold an Advanced Diploma in Electromechanical Technology and a Bachelor'

YPN Member
Rachel Uwiragiye's Image

Enthusiastic about the dynamic world of cloud computing. I am passionate about harnessing the power

Rachel Uwiragiye
YPN Member
Celine Cyurinyana UWASE's Image

She has been a delegate in various forums and summits to represent the youth voices while also cont

Celine Cyurinyana UWASE
YPN Member
Jean Francois MUTSINZI's Image

I am highly competent at bringing solutions to the problems around us. Enthusiastic in Global Health

Jean Francois MUTSINZI
YPN Member
Innocent Mukangahe's Image

I am highly competent at bringing solutions to the problems around us. Enthusiastic in Global Health

Innocent Mukangahe
YPN Member
Cynthia NEKESA's Image

Cynthia Nekesa is an ambitious young leader with a deep passion for technology. Her areas of experti

Cynthia NEKESA
YPN Member

Our Mentors

Our mentors bring a wealth of experience and expertise from diverse industries, serving as invaluable guides for the 75 members within the Youth Professionals Network. With a focus on mentorship, these seasoned professionals play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of learning and collaboration within the YPN. Their commitment to providing guidance, sharing insights, and facilitating meaningful connections underscores the organization's dedication to ensuring that each YPN member has the support and mentorship needed to thrive in their respective fields. The mentorship program within the YPN reflects EBC-RWANDA's commitment to cultivating the next generation of leaders and empowering them for success.

Thijs Boer's Image

Driving success in Manufacturing as CEO / Business Developer at Holland Fair foods, Nurturing Talent with Rutayisire Jean d'amour

Thijs Boer
CEO / Business Developer
Jean Maurice HAGENIMANA's Image

Driving success in Retail/Wholesale as Healthcare at Vieberg , Nurturing Talent with Jacob Gakuru

Tebogo 's Image

Driving success in Service as Consulting/Professional at Valienterios , Nurturing Talent with YUSUFU Haruna

David Chen's Image

Driving success in Healthcare as IT at Kapsutech, Nurturing Talent with Nshimiyimana Cedrick

David Chen
Information Technology (IT)
Mohamed Alhaj's Image

Mohamed Alhaj
Management Consultancy
Gabriel Ekman's Image

Driving success in Edtech as Information Technology at Bag Innovation, Nurturing Talent with Cynthia Nekesa

Gabriel Ekman
Information Technology
Alex Van de Langenberg's Image

Driving success in Agroprocessing as General/operations management , Nurturing Talent with Yvergiste

Alex Van de Langenberg
Operations management